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Design your very own custom wedding gown with Juliet by Andre' Julius.

Image by Jonathan Borba

It’s your special day, it will be one of the most memorable days of life, every detail matters. Don't settle for buying a wedding gown off the rack. Look and feel special on your wedding day in a bespoke wedding gown from Juliet by Andre' Julius. With ease and expertise, we will you get the perfect fit with all of the details you (or your fiancé) select. Your clothier will work with you to design every detail of your custom gown and guide you through the entire process from initial consultation to final fitting.


We start by crafting a unique-to-you gown, discuss fabric options, give you a price quote, and provide you with a sketched illustration of your bespoke gown. and follow that by helping to coordinate color schemes with the wedding party so everyone is sure to look and feel their best. We can help navigate all options to make your special day even more memorable; whether you’re looking to have your entire bridesmaids party, the mother of the bride, the flower girl, or just yourself fitted.  


We are dedicated to offering our clients a best-in-class service. Juliet by Andre' Julius can cloth the entire wedding party. We offer promotional offers and discounts on group order.

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