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Focus On Every Detail

Juliet by Andre' Julius Women's Custom Suits and Dresses was formulated off its brother, Andre' Julius Men's Custom Suits. Just like Andre' Julius, the women's line by Juliet is a “Bespoke” small, collective customized suit company, founded by Andre' J. McLaughlin.  Andre', named the women's brand after his wife, Nina, Juliet McLaughlin.


Juliet, like Andre', struggled to find suits and dresses "Off-The- Rack" that fit well. Nina learned that suits off the rack generally fit too tight in the hips, thighs, and seat, but too big in the midwaist/stomach. In other words, “off-the-rack’ just wasn’t cutting it.

 Juliet launched into her career which required her to “dress the part” for formal meetings and events; she needed new suits & dresses- and ones that not only worked for her body but that left her feeling “sexy and confident."


Whether you are looking to invest in your first custom garment or are frustrated with suits or dresses that no longer fit right, Juliet understands. It is exactly why the duo, Andre' and Juliet, started Julius- Women's Custom Suits & Dresses. Juliet, Like you, knows from experience that the likelihood of getting a fit off-the-rack that is flattering is slim to none. If you do find a garment in the store, you often have to get additional alterations and, after investing more money you could have easily bought a suit or dress custom-made just for you. 


Juliet is going to change the way you think of suits, dresses, and coats! We design every stitch, button, and millimeter of quality fabric based on your measurements. Your suit will fit so perfectly, it will feel like it is in tune with your body.

Don’t go through the same disappointing process year after year…having to replace your off-the-rack suit or dress due to ripping, color fading, or it no longer fitting. Book an appointment with Juliet by Andre' Julius to create your first bespoke suit or gown. Once you invest in a custom garment, you will never want to go back to a store again!

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